January 28, 2015

Hello my Golden Wives!

Hope all is well..Hoping everyone is keeping warm and safe as you are running the households.  After all, you are the CEO of your home.

Remember to take time for yourself.  Whether if it's 5, 10, 15 minutes, please do so for yourself.

Here are a few ideas of what you can for yourself as you take a quick mini break from the hustle and bustle of it all.

Ideas & Quick Tips Breaks:

When you can't run from the little ones, this convenient little room will allow you to have a quick "peace and quiet" moment.  It's also great for sneaking food from when you don't want anyone to see and want what you are eating. However there are two cons.  Your legs will get numb from sitting on the toilet after a long period of time and the little people will find you within 5-10 minutes. Lol!

~The CAR!
The best office on wheels ever!!!!  Yes, wives, wives to be, wives in the making, you sit back, turn your music on and check all necessary important social media sites and emails, lol.  This is also the best time to order something online special  for yourself or the husband.  If you have children with you,  hopefully they will be sleeping. Then this would be the perfect time. Another great pointer is to just sit in front of your home if possible or go to a nearby park to have this QT.

 ~The STORES! YAY!!! FurnitureStores/Target/Mall/Michael's Art's and Craft/Pier I/TJMaxx
Just to name a few. It is so relaxing for me to go to the store BY MYSELF and just walk up and down the aisles until my heart is content. This entire time I am eye candy shopping but it's very enjoyable to keep a wish list in your head of what you may want.  It also is a good mental break from all that may be going on.  I love getting ideas of how I want my house to look.  I get excited and in my zone when I'm just browsing.  Taking snap shots of these items are great as well.

I hope you all got an idea of breaks for yourself.  Try not to let the noises of life drown out your needs as well.  Don't feel guilty either! It's ok to want and get a well deserved break as often as you can.  Just don't hop a flight to Hawaii without letting your husband know.  Also keep me posted if you do so I can get my ticket!!!!

Lady A

My laptop is broken so I won't be posting visual arts, music, etc.. as of yet.  So please bare with me!