August 26, 2009

Let Him Dream Big Dreams

There's no reason to ever let your husband's dreams frighten you, even if for every noble and ingenious one, he dreams three fantasies of Disney-sized proportions. How he handles his dreams is not nearly as threatening as how he handles reality. He can (and he must) keep a firm grip on reality, and at the same time feel right at home in the world of dreams, ambition, and aspirations. Let him dream big dreams.
Every great thing any man ever did started with a dream. It was something a little bigger than life, yet worthy of his attention and his effort. And many of them are worthy of your enthusiastic endorsement and collaboration. Your contribution to the realization of his dreams can mean the difference between them ending up in the "cheap talk" or "action attempted" file.
Men possess hug, hardworking, dream-producing machines. They are at work around the clock in a room inside his soul that has I H-O-P-E written on the door. How you handle the dreamer in the man you love has to do with how much, or how little greatness he attempts.
Don't always take it upon yourself t play the "voice of reason" with the single-minded determination to snap him out of it and jolt him back into reality. I assure you, lofty dreams and practical reality can peacefully coexist. One is tempered by the other. Do not be intimidated by his dreams.
Let him speak "dream-talk" to you. If he shares his dreams with you, he has welcomed you into the secret chambers of his private world (remove your pumps and tread light there). Often he is seeking no more than your ear, and the profound pleasure of having you join him his exciting exploration of an intriguing possibility.
If asked, give your opinions. If not, don't. Unless the realization of his dreams will directly-and adversely-impact you, take the passenger seat and go along for the ride.
Say it: "Who am I to censor, improve upon, or otherwise rearrange his dreams? Although I am never one to ignore harsh reality, neither will I dismiss his lofty dream. Rather, I will encourage them."
---Ronn Elmore


Fran said...

Hmmmnn... My husband has been going on about buying a particular car model of which I really am not impressed. I feel it's overly expensive and I'm just not huge on it's look. But he keeps on going on about this particular car and how it has always been his dream to own and drive one. To be quite honest, I have been very straightforward and blatant on my disapproval with his choice, but he keeps bringing it up with such enthusiasm and I know he is trying to win me over. I guess it's best I let him be and support him with what he truly wants, even though I'd rather something else.

Lady A said...

Lol! Bless his heart. Whatever you do, don't shoot him down. Just keep it in prayer b4 the Lord. We all have our "thing" that we desire.