August 17, 2009

Simple Rules

DO NOT be a clingy wife! Your Husband has a lot on his mind in the morning, planning out his busy affairs for the day. Try not to engage him in conversation about what your plans for the day are or other trivial matters. Always walk him to the door in peace. Make sure to carry with you any of the things he has forgotten so he doesn't need to go back for them, ie cell phone, laptop, briefcase, and files. Offer yourself for a kiss, but if he is too busy to notice, DO NOT POUT. He has a lot of responsibility and the morning is not the time for feminine hysterics. When your Husband gets home from work, do not jump him with problems you've had during the day, or questions about his day. Just wait. He needs time to relax and whine down. Make sure the TV remote or newspaper is next to his chair.

Once he walks in the door, ladies...turn OFF the soaps, talk shows, Internet and off the phone! Wives, this is vital! He may not say anything, but trust. As time goes on, he will bring up in an argument of what you are always doing when he comes home. You want to make your husband feel like a King when he enters into his castle. Give him that undivided attention for at least 15 mins even if he doesn't deserve it. Golden Wives, make sure the house is clean. This is just as important as the first rule. Your home needs to have a pleasant scent whether it's dinner he's smelling or plug in air freshener. I personally like to have a ready snack for my husband after he comes home from a hard day of work. Warm chocolate chips cookies, chips, nuts, kool-aid or whatever is available in the pantry is something to tie over his stomach until dinner is ready. This does make a difference. It shows affection, love, and a simple 'you were thinking about me'. Husbands like that.

Give him time to whine down. Let him enjoy his ESPN, NCIS, news or whatever he likes to watch. Phone calls can wait especially from the house phone. I personally don't answer the house phone when hubby is trying to talk to me about his crazy day. Enjoy the quiet time together. If you have children like me then make the best of it. Give the kids a snack and send them in the basement, outside or to their room for a little while.

After dinner, cleaning up kitchen, and the children are washed and ready for bed, you need to set some time for you. This is where ME TIME comes into play. Reading a book, drinking hot tea, taking a hot bath, doing a little beauty regime, watching your favorite show, or whatever it is, DO IT! Allow God to replenish you during this time. It could be a simple prayer, praise, or worship. We have a lot to be thankful for even if things aren't right in the marriage.

Be sexy at night. Wear something eye catching for yourself and husband. Spray on a little soft scent body spray and pull hair up (if you have long hair) or leave down. Even if you are not in the mood, you still want to be attractive to your husband at night. This speaks volumes. Have fun getting dress. Make it an event even if he doesn't notice (I'm very sure he will).
Yours truly,


Fran said...

How true! My husband made a comment during an argument about how I am always on the internet or watching a talk show whenever he comes home from work and that after giving him his dinner, I never seem to want to spend time with him as I'm too engrossed surfing or watching tv. I was quite alarmed at this, as on the other hand, I felt he was always a little distant whenever he came home after a long day at work and seemed to need his space and that is why I would go on the net or watch a talkshow.

Your postings are such a revelation; really enjoy reading them; please keep them coming, they really do make a huge difference. Will send this link to all my married friends and I know it will make a difference to them too.

God Bless xxx

Lady A said...

Yes girl! So please turn it off. I don't want it to drive a wedge between the two of you. Been there and it was ugly and wasn't easy to get back into his heart. Husbands can be babies sometimes and they cry differently too, so know your husband's cry out for attention/affection, etc...!
So glad you enjoy reading. Thanks for letting me know too. That's my prayer and mission statement, that wives will get answers and help, thank God!