December 04, 2009

Shopping and Preparing For The Holidays

It's that time of year again. From Black Friday to preparing Christmas dinner, the hustle and bustle is on from now til January. Getting the home ready, putting up the tree, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, sending out Christmas cards, calling love ones checking in, and even hair/nail appointments, seems like the list never ends. It's best to shop early as possible. If you are a heavy shopper then you might need to consider to take a day off from your job. Let your theme be "Keep It Simple" when shopping. You can start by writing a list from family/friends to gifts and items that need to be brought. Make sure your list is very detail and as you complete each one, don't forget to check it off. If you are going to purchase an expensive gift, try and call around to different stores for prices. You might find it cheaper then what you anticipated on spending. Check your local newspaper for sales and coupons. This will help and make it easier on the pockets. Again, I highly encourage everyone to shop first thing in the morning. Lines are shorter, crowds are smaller and the store is more organized.

This is the time to keep everything organized and reasonable. Try and delegate holiday responsibilities to your husband and children (if you have any). You want to enjoy and have peace during this busy time of year. If you have older children, get them to participate more and make it fun. Teach your 5 year old how to wrap daddy's Christmas gift. Hang Christmas stockings (or whatever tradition you do this time of year) and have your children to decorate them.

If you do not have children, then there are plenty of things to do with other couples. Invite a few good married couples over and fellowship. Make if fun! Have everyone to bring a dish (make it easier on you *wink*), provide drinks and maybe an appetizer or two. Try and make a signature Christmas drink that everyone will enjoy and talk about. Hot apple cider, egg nog, creamy latte, or hot coco with a peppermint stick would do the trick! Play fun creative hands on games, go see a Christmas play at a church (free), watch a movie, or carpool to see the Christmas lights and have dessert afterwards. Just be creative. Who knows maybe this could be a start of a Christmas gathering at your house!

Whatever you do, remember to "Keep It Simple" and enjoy and embrace the season. If plans don't follow through, don't sweat it, just have a plan b. Don't sweat the small things. When it's all said and done, you want to have you sanity.

All that you do or don't get to do, don't stress it! Make the best out of it.
Yours Truly,
Lady A


Beauty Goodone said...

Too much to do during the holiday huh! That's the only thing I hear around. Some are ordering their cookies from a special bakery(they are not ready to bake at home).Some are making new window blinds and drapes. The list goes on and on.

I like your advice 'keep it simple'

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for this article as usual..

Lady A said...

@Beauty G., yeah, it can be alot, but this year is going to be relaxing for us. We never did go overboard or overdoing the whole Christmas season. Thank God!
@Myne, np! The stories are endless! YOu have everyone's ears...more like eyes, lol.