November 30, 2009

Certain Things Need To Be Done In Private

Thought you could 'reveal' yourself to your spouse. Did your really think you could take off your wig, weave, lashes, makeup, girdle or whatever else you use to beautify yourself without him saying anything. If this is done, just be prepared to hear him complaining about it through conversation, argument, or the most embarrassing way, to his friend(s) or family.

Wives, please do certain beauty treatments in private. Believe it or not, this will save you later on and your husband will appreciate this (though he may never mention it). Husbands don't always understand the extent we go through for beauty and why. They may not understand why we have to use primer on our faces before we apply makeup, or placing a tight stocking cap on your head before you put your wig on. All they see is you looking like a pale ghost or a potential burglar. You may not want your husband seeing certain things that you do to be beautiful. It probably will freak them out and scar them. Having hair rollers, facial mask, body wraps, using mayo as hair conditioner, do-it-yourself home relaxers, hair color and whatever crazy home beauty treatments you may do, please try and have a set time when it's in your best interest.

Because I wear a lot of weaves and sometimes wigs, I do my hair when my hubby is out of the house. When he comes home, VIOLA! A new woman. He doesn't need to see the process. Or if I want to soak in the bath tub with vinegar (it smells funky, but is the best with body odor), I try and make sure he will be downstairs, basement, or going out with friends. I find it best to do all of my personal girly stuff on Sunday, why....FOOTBALL!!! My husband is glued to the t.v. and will not move off the couch.

Now let's be reasonable. There are several beauty treatments that I do with him around OR beauty treatments that I have him to help me out with. Wives, be your own judge on this. Some husbands may not mind seeing you transform from hot mess to beauty queen. You just have to know.

Again, use your own judgement. No one knows your husband better than you. If you are not sure if your home beauty treatments bother your husband then here are a few clues:

  • Funny, dirty, questionable looks on his face
  • Asking annoying questions in an irritate voice tone ie, "what's that smell?, what is that?, what is that for? why do you do that?, do you have to do that?, what the heck?"
  • Complaining of hair/beauty treatment
  • Grunts or rude moans when he sees you in your hair/beauty treatment regimen
  • Sarcastic remarks

Wives, just be mindful when doing your hair/beauty treatments. Husbands don't need to know and see everything. Have and keep some mystery to yourself. This also helps the 'chase' of it all. We do want our hubby's to still chase us, so let the games continue!

Yours truly,


Myne Whitman said...

Nice article. I disagreed until I saw your clues and saying it depends on the husband. That is absolutely true. My SO loves finding out things including my beauty treatments.

Anonymous said...

You know, Im very glad you wrote this. I agree a 100%. Something else also that I learned was that your husband does not have to see you naked ALL the time, otherwise its starts to loose its power and its like eating the same food over and over again, you naturally just get tired of it.
Dont get me wrong, nudity is good, but dont walk around the house naked 24/7 with him there

Dont get so comfortable that you use the bathroom (toilet) in front of him, unless you absolutely have to once in a blue moon.

Dont fart in front of him, all of those little things that married people may sometimes get used to or comfortable with

Keep the mystery going

Andrea said...

Great post lady A...I feel you on doing personal stuff on sunday.My hubby is glued to football too. I wrote a post about it....Arrrr football.

Lady A said...

@Andrea, yeah girl, we have to time it out right, lol! Can't wait for football season to be over with!

@Myne, ahhhh, I see you have the perfect husband in this area. I hope he continues his interest in your beauty treatments after 10 + yrs of marriage.

@Anonymous, wow, did you know I was going to mention the use of bathroom in front of hubby rule, lol. But the nudity thing is new to me yet so RIGHT!! Love it! I didn't really look at it as that, but you are so right. I am guilty of roaming around the house with just panies and a little shirt on. Tell me why hubby asked me to put some pants on, lol, lol,lol!!!! Cold bust! I caught an attitude too. My hubby doesn't fart in front of me or blow up the bathroom in my presence. It's the little things we take for granted in marriage. You know the saying, "it's the little foxes that spoil the vine".
I hope that we (wives) do not get too comfortable but if we do I pray that the Lord will show us.

@All readers, wives, all I'm saying in the post is to be DISCREET with it all and keep some kind of mystery going, even with the nudity....that's for another post. Thanks Anonymous!

NewLife said...

Hi lady A, I'm anonymous o, I was too lazy to sign in under my blog name yesterday.

Lol about hubby saying put some pants on, lol Ive just really found that variety is the spice of life. Looking forward to the nudity post.

Great job with this blog, Ive been a silent follower

Lady A said...

@NewLife, lol, understand the laziness of not logging in, been there myself. Thank you very much. I just hope this blog is of help to wives/wives to be.

yankeenaijababe said...

Aww, proud of you for maintaining all this blogs. I love this post, very insightful.

It all depends on what is too much to be shown to the hubby, I hate my hubby seeing me putting on my cutie You know the before andn after, keep it

Lady A said...

@YNC, girl I try! Yuppers! Each hubby is different. I feel you on the putting wig on in front of him. I wait for him to leave. better yet, I hate it when he sees me in my wig stocking cap. My head looks so funny, lol.
Every wife has to read and know her own hubby.