May 12, 2010


I so apologize to all my readers for not blogging and my updating the blog(s). I have been truly busy with this thing called LIFE! Omg, this month May is really full of family, friends, church, and personal events. Last weekend I had 4 events to go too, but only made it to 3...I think that's pretty good, besides, I not trying to wear myself thin and get stressed out again....
I know June and the rest of the summer will be busy as well. Not to mention my health and treatments I'm getting, that's another story.
However, God is good and I will be blogging again. For now I need to break from it but I will be back. I didn't want you all thinking I dropped off the face of the earth.

I have been praying for you all, whether you are a follower or not..anyone who reads I pray that God will meet each and everyone of your needs in Jesus name. AMEN! Stay encourage and be blessed!


Mike said...

God is ALWAYS in control and it is obvious that you still talk to him so keep trusting that all is well.
I pray that he continues to meet your needs too.
Have lots of fun with the busy-ness. :-)

yankeenaijababe said...

@Lady A

May is the month of celebration, I guess we just have to enjoy it while it last. I just got back from a graduation event and I have another one on Saturday. We shall

Miss you girl, glad you are doing well. Hang in tight, see you soon in blogville. Stay blessed always.

Lady A said...

@Mike, Thank you buddy! I'll be back...again, lol!
@YNC, yup, we will survive, lol! This year really seems so busy! Gee whiz! You too be blessed, I'm still reading your post, you know I don't comment on all, but I meant to tell you THANKS for putting me on to the "welcome to Lagos" videos. So enjoying them! Bring back memories of when my mom and I would watch them on t.v.

Maxine said...

Glad you still founf time to blog :) Blessings on you!

Fran said...

How are you? It's been like forever... I hope you're well? God Bless xxx

Lady A said...

Yes, it has been forever. I've been up and down with health, but it's slowly getting better. THat's why I have been MIA. U?
Yes, God bless you too!