October 20, 2011

Enjoy His Company

Often times we wives have over a million things on the mind. From past, present, future. Things that occurred or didn't occurred in our life. Did we pick the right occupation? Regretting things, wanting things, did I marry the right guy, I want another baby, when are we going to move into a house, etc...
Funny, even during intimate time with your husband, you could be thinking of the laundry list of things that needs to be done.

This is the time to try and be more mentally involve with your spouse. Engage in new topics. Have conversations that are meaningful and fun. Just let your hair down and have fun with him.

Been married for 14 years and my husband and I have finally have a "thing" that we do. After we eat dinner and the children dismiss theirselves. My hubby puts on a pot of coffee and we sit and talk about any and everything. One time we were at the table for hours not realizing it! We laugh, give ideas, discuss our general wants/needs and whatever else is under the sun.

We started this "talk at the table" last year. We didn't plan it or try to make something of it, we just did it. The next night we did it again and next thing you know it became a good habit.
We actually looked forward to it. I actually LISTENED to him, lol. I also remembered why I fell in love with him. I started looking at him differently. I see his gifts more and more.

Have more happy conversations and pillow talks. Just as good as sex! Lol! Oh, one quick tip wives. Spice it up with a little flirting here in there in his company. Don't over do it or try too hard. Just be sweet and subtle. A simple eyebrow raised, blowing him a kiss, or winking your eye at him says a lot. Make him blush or feel like a king in your presence (after all, you are queen). Remember Golden Wife, you hold the key to his heart. Don't lose the key, use it often. The little things I mentioned will add richness to your marriage.

Lady A

I miss you guys!!! Big hug to everyone, even if you are not a follower.
I'm getting better health wise. No flare ups, yeah!!! Wives & Husbands, you all should be seeing more posting now! Love you all!


Myne Whitman said...

Welcome back Lady A! This is so true. Me and hubby enjoy our long talks over the weekend, or while taking an evening walk, it's great!

Fluffycutething said...

**hugs** so so happy to have you back!!!

Your post was interesting. I'm already thinking maybe i should just buy a dining table.... (we dont have one at the moment)!!!

Lady A said...

@Myne, thanks dearie! So good to know you & hubby do it and enjoy it!
@Fluffycutething, awww! It's good to read your comment! Lol, do use what you have. A pillow talk, couch, porch, just as goood. Big hug back, thanks again!

Millette Burgos said...

Lady A, I miss your posts! Welcome back!

Millette Burgos said...

Welcome back Lady A!

Lady A said...

@Millette, awww! Thank you for your warm welcome. Very touching. I hope and trust all is well on your end! Thanks so much for reading. I hope it is of help!