November 01, 2011

Having Too Many People in Your Hair

Sometimes we wives can get caught up sharing too much information about our job, families and personal issues. It's good to have friends that will help you and give you positive advice in your time of need. This issue is not venting, but who you are venting too. Some may think they have all the answers while they have a war zone in their backyard. Its best to have one or two "go to" friends in the time of need or support. This person should be trustworthy, good morals and not bitter. Also someone who is going to let you know if you are WRONG! Check your list of "go to" friends and make sure they are what you need, not want. It's best not to take advice from someone who is bitter. Normally they would poison your way of thinking and outlook. That wouldn't be a healthy outcome.
Try and stay away from people who have "diarrhea at the mouth." I'm sure they mean well but at the end of the day, you do not want your business on front street.
When something happens in your life, marriage, children, job, etc..try avoid telling your whole entourage. It gets tiring and time consuming by the time you are telling friend #4. Keep in mind you have to go back to these friends and give them a report or update them. No, you don't have it but it's courtesy to do so. They took the time to listen and give their advice so who wouldn't want to know the outcome.

If you are a private person and you like to keep everything to yourself. Just be careful in doing so. You still have to find an outlet. Make sure you are getting good advice from good sources.

It's best to have a physical outlet too wives. From excerising to spa dates, having a little bit of "me" time is necessary for the heart. It will help you to think better, have clearer thoughts upon the situation and you will be distressed.

Wives, do the best you can do. If something hasn't been working for you time after time then try another approach. Don't be afraid to ask for help, but not just anyone. That could also mean your closest friend. Keep in mind that some strangers can give the best advice.

Keep up the good work wives. Taking care of the household has it's own stress, but yet it's very rewarding.

Lady A


aloted said...

oh mine! it has been a while i stopped by ur blog...good to know u r still blogging..i stopped for a while but i am back now :)
how have u been??

this post made sense

downtheaisle said...

wow u are back, how are u doing and how's the family.

Lady A said...

@Aloted! Hey Missy! Yeah, I just started blogging to. Slowly but surely So glad you are back and yes I will be stopping by. Been doing ok, and you?
@DTA, yup, I"m back, lol. Doing ok, a lil bump in life, but all will be well. Fam is doing good, and you? Thanks for asking!