May 06, 2009


I was 5 months pregnant when I got married at the young age of 21. Being forced into the marriage because of the pregnancy, I was rushed into marriage hood with no instructions on how to be a wife...a Godly wife. I felt I had to mature and grow quickly. Which ended up taking a long time. Yes, the bible does gives us the foundation and instructions for wives, however there has been certain issues and situations that I found myself in and needed guidance. I have made many mistakes and I'm not proud of certain things I did in the marriage, but I have learned from each of them. Being married now for 12+ years and separated for 2 years, I know I have something to bring to the table for wives and wives to be. I want to discuss all that people won't or don't tell you. I want to tell all of the unwritten rules of marriage.
This is a place where you as a wife can be brutally open and honest...whether you are a pastor's wife or a coal miner's wife, here at the Golden Wives Club, you can ask for advice, or share experiences.
No one is here to judge, I have been there, done that, learned, and moved on from it. Let's all be kind with everyone in the Golden Wives Club and walk in the love of God with all issues.

In the GWC, I am sure I will be stepping on some toes. Not to upset anyone, but just being truthful and honest. You may not always agree which is fine, but remember, no one knows your husband better then in the end, make sure you get your confirmation, answer, and/or advice from the One who created your husband...God, in Jesus name.

You must see yourself as the wife/help meet God created you to be. You are unique and like no other. Your gifts are priceless and yes you do have a lot to bring to the table. You walk and talk with grace. You value yourself and you believe that God is doing great things in your life/future. You must believe and see yourself as Christ sees you. You are a Golden Wife.


yankeenaijababe said...

Your story is truly an inspiration, just saw the link via hotmail and love the new look on the blog. Great concept for a lady with a real life story.

Lady A said...

Thanks dear! Appreciate that! I just want other wives to grow and learn from things I had to learn the hard way.