September 25, 2009

Secondly, Set Up Sexual Boundaries

Your kids need to understand that both parenting and sex are important. They already see how you have made parenting a priority. But they also need to respect the time you give to yourself and your husband. Instruct your children about respecting your privacy and “couple only” time. Teach them:

  • Get a lock on your bedroom door and tell your kids, “Always knock on a closed door and wait to be invited in.”
  • Don’t interrupt mom and dad when they’re on the phone or in a conversation.
  • Consider mommy “off duty” during her 15 minute break time.
    Teach your kids positive messages about sexuality. Don’t let them speak derogatorily about sex and love.

    Help your children understand the importance of mom and dad having alone time. “When the babysitter comes and mom and dad leave, it helps mom and dad love each other more! The love between mom and dad is very important in a family!”--Jim & Carrie Gordon


Anonymous said...

Whoever you are that writes this blog, you are the best x

Lady A said...

@Anonymous, awww, that was sweet of you, thanks. I enjoy it too!
@Mike, I didn't publish your comment because you had your email posted which is personal info. However, you could still ask on here and I'll post. or if you just me to email u, I'll do so...let me know asap