September 27, 2009

Thirdly, Be Creative in Fitting in Both Parenting and Sex

  • If your children are infants, plan to have sex during nap time.
  • Bring the children to Grandma’s while you run back home and make love.
  • Trade an overnight stay for your kids with friends who have children.
  • This will give you all evening and night to kiss, cuddle, make love, …
  • Keep the babysitter an extra hour while you kiss and snuggle in the car.
  • Set the clock for 2 am when you know everyone is usually sleeping and you can have some uninterrupted time for sex.---Jim & Carrie Gordon

If you are unable to the following listed above, then here are some other suggestions:

  • Give your children a snack with their favorite t.v. show or movie to watch.
  • If your children are older, then send them outside to play.
  • Just find a secret quiet place in your home where you and your husband can become intimate for a while.
  • Send the children to bed early.

Either way, you must be creative in the sex destination area. You know what may or may not work for the two of you. Whatever you do, ENJOY!