March 15, 2010

inspire |inˈspīr|verb [ trans. ]1 fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative : [ trans. ] his passion for romantic literature inspired him to begin writing | [as adj. ] ( inspiring) so far, the scenery is not very inspiring. See note at encourage .create (a feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person : their past record doesnot inspire confidence.

As wives we often put everyone first. Husbands needs, children, family, and the list is endless. We are still early in the year of 2010, let us keep focus on self and set a goal to have consistent inspirational attitude toward ourselves. What inspire you at one time? Don't lose it. Keep the zeal going in your heart because it will show on the outer. No strength or just plain tired? Not only prayer, but making a journal of all your hopes, dreams and desires will help stir up the passion again.
Golden Wives, never give up on yourself. You have too many gifting and talents inside of you to just let it die or remain dormant. Remember, timing is everything, so prepare yourself. How? Glad you asked. Keep the vision before you by simply having a list or even make mini projects. Continue to help others and you never know how the favor maybe returned back to you.Keep yourself looking nice and you must make time for you. No excuses!
Let this year for us wives be peaceful, full of hope, and wonderful blessings that we didn't expect flowing our way. It will happen for you, just BELIEVE!
I"m Back!

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Chichi {From Now Till I Do} said...

Welcome back!

Debbie said...

I love this blog, just found it.
I also love this piece.
Very encouraging, I'll keep a journal.

Lady A said...

@Debbie, so glad you found it encouraging! Thank you! Enjoy!
@Chichi!!!!!! Congrats hon! So happy for you and the beautiful wedding. I had a ball sitting with my hot laptop catching up on your blog! Yeah, yeah, a tear did come down my face, lol! Thank you, I miss you guys like crazy and miss blogging...thanks!

yankeenaijababe said...

@Lady A

Well said and written, inspiration is everything, we all need it in our lives to keep going at this time of the year. I love that we both thinking the same thing meaning that it's bound to

Good to have you back, missed ya lots.

Lady A said...

@YNC, you know I was patiently waiting for your comment. It's awesome when God confirms like this, it just makes me know that our steps are ordered. Again, that was very nice of you giving me a shout out. Thank you and I'm so glad to be back. I missed you all like crazy!

Fran said...

Whoop, whoop! I have to be the most excited person to see you back. And as usual, you're back with much inspiration... May God continually perfect all that concerns you and your family in Jesus name! Happy to see you back and thanks for this encouraging post xxx

Dee! said...

Welcome back!

Yes, wives put others first. I have however learnt to make out time for myself. I really urge all wives/mothers to do same.

Once again, welcome back!

Lady A said...

@Fran, thank you so much for the heart felt words. It's a pleasure to be back! I so miss all of you and I hope I can continue to be of help of others.
@Dee, so glad to know that. And it's so important that we do. If momma ain't happy, no one is, lol! Thank you, so glad to be back too!

Myne Whitman said...

Welcome back Lady A and thanks for this motivational piece

Lady A said...

@Myne baby! Thanks for love *wink*