March 18, 2010

Ways You Can Love Your Husband HIS Way

Discuss this list with your husband. Ask him to check the ones most meaningful to him and then arrange them in order of importance to him. Use this list as

a basis for learning his views. Your relationship can be greatly strengthened as you use these suggestions. -unknown author

For the most part, you probably don't have to "go over the list" with your hubby. You know what your husband likes and dislikes like are hopefully, but if uncertain, please by all means ask! Communication extremely important in marriage. These 20 ways are ALL important. Try and keep them as a reminder. Wives, this is just a reminder/refresher, especially for the ones who have been married for several years. Let's not lose heart or focus. ~Lady A~

1. Respectfully communicate with him.

2. Let him know he’s important to you.

3. Purposefully try to understand his feelings—even when you disagree with him.

4. Show interest in his friends giving him some time with them if they’re trust-worthy.

5. Let go of the small stuff. We all have annoying habits and preferences that are different from our spouse’s. (Dave Ramsey)

6. Tell him you both love him AND like him.

7. Either show interest in his hobbies or allow him space to participate freely. (Dave Ramsey)

8. Protect his dignity on a daily basis.

9. Be tender with him realizing he has feelings also.

10. Foster an atmosphere of laughter in your home. Look for ways to laugh together.

11. Try not to make sudden major changes without discussion and giving him time to adjust.

12. When you go out on a date together don’t bring up problems—have fun instead.

13. Focus on what he’s doing right, instead of focusing so often on the negatives.

14. Show interest in what he feels is important in life.

15. Give him special time with you apart from the children.

16. Recognize that the first few minutes after a spouse comes home often sets the stage for how the rest of the evening will go. So try to make the first few minutes a positive experience. (And then ease into the negative if it’s necessary.)

17. Give him half an hour to unwind after he gets home from work. Your evenings will be much more enjoyable. (Dave Ramsey)

18. Don’t allow any family member to treat him disrespectfully. Be the one to defend him to any family member that dishonors his place as your husband.

19. Compliment him often.

20. Be creative when you express your love, both in words and in actions.

Unknown author

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Myne Whitman said...

Lovely tips, I try to do the best I can and it's so much easier when the man is doing all he can too to reciprocate.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? This list must've been drawn up in the 50s. The only thing it's missing is "Make sure the kids are clean and tidy before your husband gets home from work." What about when I get home from work? Please tell me this list applies to husbands too, otherwise the writer needs to open his/her eyes to the reality that women are sitting around eating bon-bons and waiting for their husband to get home anymore. We are out there in the work force and bringing home some major bacon!

Lady A said...

@rtfgvb759, I translated "free regards to chat room?" What?"
@Myne, yeah, the tips were typical but it was a good reminder. Most definitely it applies to the husband as well!!!! It always goes both ways!
@Anonymous, lol! you had me laughing when you said it must be from the "50s!" It's like this, we all know what the husband and wife need to do to make it work for their own marriage and household. Hubby's need to keep it together, this list applies to the husbands, most definitely! Bon-bons, lol! Too cute...enjoy your day! Btw, we are bringing home the whole HOG!

Femme Lounge said...

hello Lady A, welcome back! i haven't been here since you got back. enlightening post as usual, thanks for sharing!

Lady A said...

@FemmeL, hey there!!! Good to see hear from you. yup! I"m back, thank you.

Fran said...

Nice tips here... I agree with Myne, it'll be so much easier if the hubby will do the same as well... It does honestly feel like it is the woman who has to be flexible and do all the 'adjustments' in marriage... God help us sha...

Lady A said...

@Fran, it most definitely goes BOTH ways! And I hate that sometimes we wives do more, but somehow we get it done with all the other responsibilities!

Andrea said...

She is back. I am so glad you are feeling better. I miss your post

Lady A said...

@Andrea! Yes and I was looking forward to this day! I appreciate the warm love!