July 20, 2009

The Art Of Foreplay

Although this may technically be the preparation phase of lovemaking, the art of foreplay shouldn't’t be underestimated; classically for women, it’s the best part! It is here that intimacy is at a climax (pardon the pun!), and wives are most enjoying sexual closeness.

The importance of the art of foreplay is understood when men take time well beforehand to focus on building an atmosphere of rest, relaxation, and romance. Removing distractions, stresses, and interruptions allows the woman to enjoy intimacy: the key component of sex. Actually, for men, foreplay and lovemaking is the opportunity to practice authentic care—focusing on his wife’s pleasure. However, it must be said: men must spend quality time getting their wives prepared for sexual fulfillment.

Foreplay must begin long before you are actually in the bedroom. Everything from opening the car door for your wife to surprising her with a romantic love letter, to getting up when she enters a room in a public setting, helps her feel cherished and romanced.

A few simple suggestions to use during foreplay are:

  1. Spend plenty of time kissing.
  2. First gently, and gradually more passionately.
  3. Kiss and embrace fully clothed. Then undress slowly.
  4. Give at least 15 minutes of time to foreplay. (You will find that your orgasms are more intense after this extended time of preparation for lovemaking!)

Just remember, the most beautiful experience on earth should not be rushed! Foreplay is meant to be fun, so take time and enjoy each other! --


Maxine Mosley Totoe said...

Kissing is just awesome! It gets me all hot and bothered!...*blushes* I don't know if you could be anymore intimate without kissing....

Lady A said...

Me too! I have even told ppl that just kissing itself is enough. I feel like that's one of God's best gifts. U can take it to another level with kissing.