July 23, 2009

Developing Good Kissing Techniques


Good kissing techniques are fun to learn!

And, between husband and wife, there is no wrong way to kiss. Everyone is different, and enjoys different things; what is important is that you and your partner are pleasing each other. Good kissing techniques involve using variation: begin with a small kiss, and work gradually into a French kiss; perhaps gently suck on your partner’s upper and then lower lips, and then back to the other types. Men seem to enjoy kissing their wives with eyes open: the meeting of eyes is so exciting!

  1. Fresh Breath. This is vital; nothing kills a romantic kiss more than bad breath.

  2. Moist Lips. Your lips need to be moist when you kiss, so they will move easily over your partner’s. Keep lips healthy with a moisturizer!

  3. Eyes Open.Many couples close their eyes as they kiss; however, you may find it very exciting to look into each other's eyes, enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

  4. Closed or Open Lips. For your lover, placing your slightly opened lips over theirs is a great way to begin a romantic session of kissing.

  5. French Kissing. French or deep kissing involves touching tongues and using your tongue to enter your partner’s mouth. This type of kiss requires your lips to be open a bit more, allowing you to move your tongue to gently push through your partner’s lips and touch their tongue. Dart your tongue in and out, circling your partner’s, or simply touch or tease; have fun! Be careful not to push your tongue too far into your partner’s mouth. It is important to go very slowly, and wait for your partner to respond. Slow and gentle is always the way to proceed with kissing!

  6. Suck or Nip Kissing. Instead of French kissing with open mouth, a gentle sucking or biting of your partner’s lips can be very exciting. The key words are gentle and not for long, and go back to another type of kissing.

  7. Gentleness. The fact is that men are usually too forceful, and too fast. Gentleness! Patience!
A Final Suggestion. To help your partner improve in their kissing techniques, take control and kiss the way you would love to be kissed!

Reminder* Wives, do what you and your husband likes. I personally don't like kissing with eyes open, I laugh if our eyes contact during an intimate kiss. To each it's own!


Maxine Mosley Totoe said...

Occasionally I'll kiss with my eyes open! It can be interesting to see the passion in a persons eyes. When we started dating I used to sometimes tell him which way to kiss me and ask him how he wanted to be kissed too. Makes it a lot easier to know what works for each other. Kissing is a form of communication I think!

Lady A said...

That is so true. I never asked, just dived into it, lol. Practice makes pros!

Carrie Gordon said...

You might want to update the "author unknown" credit on this blog entry to "". Jim and I are the authors of The Intimate Couple and are pleased to see that others find our articles helpful!

Lady A said...

Thank you so much. Do you know I was looking for your site for sometime now, but couldn't remember. You all had other articles that were great! Thanks so much and will update now!