July 06, 2009

Taking Your Place

If you want to be a leading lady, you must take your place in the spotlight before life slips away.

Whatever your sphere of influence or expertise, there comes that appointed moment when the spotlight turns toward you. You land that starring role; you finish that project; you get the promotion; you win the award. And you are a leader. Other people look up to you ; they value your insight and your perspective; they seek your counsel; they act on your recommendations. You have the power to influence them, which is the essence of leadership.
Some wives are like racehorse who have been pushing against the starting gate for so long that when they are released into leadership, they meet the challenge with all the power of thoroughbred thundering down the track. Other wives are more reluctant leaders, accepting the call to lead, but wary of leadership's responsibilities and hesitant concerning their won abilities. To both kinds of women, I have the same advice; take your place. To the thoroughbred, take your place as you fan the flames of that natural confidence and strength, but take it wisely. You have already earned respect-your leadership opportunity proves that -but keep the respect by listening, learning as you go, and by treading carefully or slowly when necessary. That way, you will not make the mistake of assuming your leadership position like a bull in a china shop, which will leave you with pieces of people and projects scattered everywhere and lots of damage control to undertake before you can move forward again.
To the reluctant leader, I say, "Get with it! Yes, you can! Come out of the shadows and into the light!" Come with boldness; come with confidence; come with courage, know that God is on your side. It is He who has called you; HE who has equipped you; and He who has appointed you to lead in this hour. Open your eyes to what HE sees in you because when He looks upon you, He sees a leader. There is a seat at the head of the table for you and you are more than able to fill it or it would not have your name on it. Chin up, back straight, gaze fixed on the task before you. You must not underestimate yourself or your abilities. You must take your place.

Lady A