July 13, 2009

Flirting with Danger: Are You Dancing on the Edge?

You think that it won’t happen to you… after all, you’re a Christian! You think, “There’s no way! Not Me!” Think again —many who were as strong as they thought they could be, have weakened beyond their wildest imaginations, and have fallen. Even the most innocent of beginnings, with the best of intentions can end up where you find yourself “flirting with danger.”You need to guard your heart … guard your marriage … and guard your mind! To help you in this mission I encourage again to guard your heart and mind. Walk in the love of God and remember, the devil uses the same ole tricks. Haven't you notice temptation doesn't come until you and your husband are at a low in the marriage. You start asking certain questions like, "did I marry the right one, he doesn't treat/love or respect me, or all these other men want me, etc..." Seems as though that's when the devil sends his agents out trying to entice you to get you off course.

All of the sudden men are giving you extra attention, compliments, jokes about if he was your husband, and light touching are in the works. Then you find yourself checking in the mirror doing a little more extra then what you are accustomed to before you go out the door. Those are just a few signs of you flirting with the devil, adultery and danger. It's time to stop and repent! Regardless of what you husband is or is not doing, you made a promise to God. Keep your vow! So what if your husband is probably cheating, you still have to honor your promise. God will give you the grace for ALL areas that you may face in your marriage. God will deal with husband in His time. Til then, ask for God to love on you and fill the voids in your heart. Ask the Lord to give you affection. He will if you will just let Him. After all, He is our Father. Did He not say, "ask and you shall receive." Ask Him today and start a new refresh love for God and your husband. I hope this can strengthen your marriage, and do all you can to guard your heart, and the marriage the Lord has given you.

Yours truly,