June 25, 2009

Get Moving!

Any amount of exercise is better than none at all, so whatever you do, get moving! Choose exercises you enjoy. If there are none that you enjoy, choose to do them in places you enjoy. Maybe walking in the park might be better for you than walking on a treadmill. Perhaps watching an action movie will make the treadmill more exciting. Try walking with people who want to talk to you. Tell them to hang up the phone and meet you in the park.

Below are some tips and tidbits that will encourage you to start exercising or to improve the work-out program you are already involved in. The are found in The Little Blue Book of Fitness and Health.
  • Don't worry if you weight creeps up when you first start to exercise-muscle is heavier then fat. Instead of watching the scales, notice how you r clothes fit.

  • Stretch, stretch, stretch. Flexible muscles are stronger and less prone to injury.

  • As a general rule, you should burn 2,000 calories in exercise per week. (Running a mile burns 100-150 calories).

  • Enjoy your time in the pool-any movement in water burns one-third more calories than the same movement in air.

  • When starting weight training, choose a weight that you can readily lift ten times.

  • Trim your inner thighs with a low-intensity work-out equipment with little rest in between-to beef up your workout and add variety. For best results, rest no more than sixty seconds in between.

Just a word to those of you who travel: Get the load off of your shoulders! Luggage and laptops and all the things you carry on the plan can be heavy. Carrying such loads as you maneuver through airports (often on the run!) can be bad for your back and neck. Before you step into an airport again, may I encourage you to get a carry-on bag that rolls and on that has a handle long enough for you to roll it comfortably.