June 14, 2009

The Lady and Her Lord

There is no relationship the lady can experience that is any more fulfilling than the relationship that exists between her and her Lord. It is being held in His everlasting arms that brings about healing from the damages that she has incurred in her pursuit of every other relationship. In His arms she finds restoration. There will be times she feels like a little girl, and in His presence she will climb into the lap of a loving Father whose wound wisdom, counsel, and consistent love will insulate her from the adversary whom she must fight. Her Father becomes her protector. He protects her by His Spirit. He counsels her by His Word. He forgives her through His blood, and she is safe in His arms.

He is the solace that heals the feminine soul and renews her mind. He is the missing ingredient that adds validity to every other pursuit of her life. Of she gains everything and fails to know Him, she has nothing at all. His love for her is so pure that she will find none other like it. It is not predicated on her performance, her appearance, or her intellectual capacity. He has loved her before she was formed in the womb of her mother. His love is holy. It becomes the foundation her character is built upon. The woman who knows the love of God is not desperate for the love of her husband because in His arms she has already found that for which her soul thirsts. Now, this is not to say that having Christ will fulfill every void she has as a woman. But her satisfaction in His presence is so complete that it removes her far away from the desperate need for affection and affirmation that leads other women to grope and grasp blindly in the night. She can run to Him in every crisis and know that He will not fail her, He will not desert her, He will not leave her, and He will not change.
T.D. Jakes