June 19, 2009

A Wardrobe that Works

We know that clothes do not make the woman, but they certainly have a way of communicating about her! It is important for you to have a wardrobe befitting a leading lady and I want to offer some suggestion to help you get there. Start by evaluating what you already have. Get in your closet and be brutal. Take stock of what you have. Some people say that you should get rid of anything you have not worn in the past year and others say two years. You make that decision; I'll presents seven questions to ask yourself as you clean out your closet.
  1. Does it reflect the woman that I am today?
  2. Does it fit?
  3. Is it worn, frayed, or pilled?
  4. Is it in style?
  5. Does it coordinate well with what I already have?
  6. Do I feel confident in it?
  7. Is it attractive while being appropriately modest? (This is especially true for business attire.)

Make sure your shoes are clean and polished and the heels are not worn or have frayed edges. Make sure they are not scuffed or scratched. Make an investment in a well-fitting, good-looking pair of shoes you can wear with a variety of outfits.

Find your signature. Whether it is a designer handbag, a strand of pearls like Jackie O., a certain nail color, or the perfect eyeglasses, find something you can wear often that really makes a statement about who you are. Don't forget to find a signature fragrance as well-but don't overdo it!

In many places, three-season fabrics work well-lightweight wools, gabardine, silks,and some cottons. Invest in suits that are made in these fabrics, especially lightweight wools and gabardines, so you can buy higher quality clothing that will look great most or all of the year. Choose your colors carefully so that you can move from winter to spring with ease by just changing your blouse and you accessories. With a crisp white blouse and a brightly colored scarf, that black suit will be as appropriate in May as it was with a turtleneck and boots in October!

Lady, may I be frank? Those garments called "foundations" or "underwear" are well-named. You lingerie needs to stay under what you wear. Just like the foundation of a house, it exists to serve the purpose of supporting and protecting you-not for the purpose of being seen by the world. Keep your straps on you shoulders; keep your slip under you dress; and by all means do not allow the waist band of your briefs or bikinis to show when you bend over!

Have a good all-purpose coat that reflects your personal style. It' hard to go wrong with a classic trench coat in a classic color, but there are many other options, so find the one that's right for you.