June 30, 2009

Personal Sabbath

With all [the roles she has to fulfill], a woman must be careful not to burn out. There comes a point where even the lady who has great balance has to say, "That is enough. I am tired. I need to be replenished." Different things replenish different people. Find something that refuels and invigorates you. Whether it is a facial or reading a book in the park, steal away to do it. Remember that all withdrawals and no deposits will make any account overdrawn.

You must not neglect yourself. You must not neglect yourself if you want to fulfill your destiny as a leading lady. Don't get caught up in the life-draining role of martyr as an excuse for not taking better care of your body, your mind, an your spirit. You must replenish with God gives you by resting and waiting upon Him. Without the rest of fall and the sleep of winter, fruit trees and rosebushes would not be able to bring forth fruit and flowers when the spring rains and summer suns stimulate them again. Even the most productive farmland must be allowed to lie fallow if it is to remain productive.

Similarly, when the time comes for you to rest, you must get yourself alone with your Father and keep the spectators and beneficiaries of your goodness outside. It will be hard to keep them waiting sometimes, but you will not restore life to your heart or clarity to your vision if you do not have the solitude and sustenance of time alone. In the intimacy of yours prayers and the privacy of your supplications, you will discover enormous power to sustain you for the long haul o a lifetime performance. If you are to weather the numerous challenges and assaults, the frequent changes of course and monotony of the mundane, then you must nurture this relationship with your divine Director above all else. This is the fuel that kindles and rekindles the spark of confidence in the eyes of the [leading lady]. That is temporarily blinded by storm clouds, fog-strewn nights, and oncoming traffic. He is the rain pouring down into the parched patches of your dusty soul.
TD Jakes