June 17, 2009

Hair, Skin, Nails, and Make-Up

A beautiful girl is a natural wonder; a beautiful woman is a work of art.

There are at least four areas that are crucial to looking your best: your hair (that's your glory, you know!) your skin, your nails, and your makeup. Beauty professionals can custom-make the look that's right for you in each of these areas, but listed below are several tips that apply to everyone.
Invest in a great haircut and learn how to maintain it (to style it yourself and to recognize when it's time to heard back to the salon). It's funny, great haircuts are like great food: you can pay lots of money to get them in an elegant atmosphere, but you can also get a fabulous cut for $25 in a place that looks like a dive! The important thing is to find a stylist ho is part good listener and part artist. Find someone who understands who you are and what your life is about and who has the ability to translate that to your head! Don't try to go about your grown-up business with high school hair!
Have a professional makeover as often as you can afford to. Your made-up face is the one the world sees, so you want to make sure your makeup is current (not dated) and that you know how to apply it as you age.

Have your nails done as often as possible. Not only is a manicure a relaxing treat, it ensures that your hands and nails will be attractive and well-groomed. I know one woman who found a nail color that worked so well on her that it became part of her signature look-you might consider that too!

You've heard before that the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Skin looks best when it is smooth and silky. Whether we are talking about your arms, your legs, or the bottoms of your feet, the key to silky skin is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Remember that no man wants to crawl in bed with a crocodile!

The skin on your face requires extra care. Understand what type of skin you have and how to take care of it. If you don't know, ask a salesperson at the cosmetics counter of your choosing. Pay particular attention to the skin around your eyes, which wrinkles more quickly than other places on your face.