June 16, 2009

Start With Radiance

It is who you are on the inside that should define what you choose to do with your outside.

I love to see a woman who feels comfortable in the beauty of herself and her accoutrements. It's nice to wear beautiful clothes and to take enough pride in our Lord's creation of us to fulfill His design. But if you've ever had a makeover yourself, or even simply tried a new look, then you know that it's not just what we see in the mirror that defines who we are.

You've heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and lady, you need to behold yourself and declare yourself beautiful! There is a confidence that simply radiates from a woman who know she is beautiful not because of what she sees in the mirror but because of what she gazes upon in her heart. The truth of the matter is that nothing-not designer clothes, not expensive cosmetics or those pumps-to-die-for will cover up or compensate for a woman who is not radiant on the inside.

That inner glow comes from the fire in the heat of a woman who knows who she is and Whose she is. That fire is ignited and stroked by her confidence in God and by her unshakable conviction that He loves her. When a lady is grounded in the Father's love, there is a stability about her, a solidness, a security, and a deep, abiding joy that shows up on her face as pure radiance. Once a woman knows Whose she is and know that nothing and no one can threaten her position as the Lord's beloved, she is then able to hear His voice as He defines her being, as He tells her what is special and unique about her, and as He shares with her the purpose for which He has created her. There is no substitute for the radiance that is born of this kind of relationship with Him and it is the foundation of every true form of external beauty.

The greater part of your beauty cannot be bought, taken off a rack, applied like lipstick, or put on like a hat. The greater part of your attractiveness lies within; it wells up from the inside and finds an appropriate creative expression on the outside.